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In Episode 3, we ask four Chinese international students currently studying in Australia what advice they would give to leaders of Australia’s universities. 

This is what they told us:

  1. Ensure your online classes are interactive and allow students to engage with the lecturer as much as possible. Keeping learning and teaching high quality is the number one concern for international students at the moment.

  2. Implement a centralised and coordinated approach to planning and assessment. Our students were confused by different faculties interpreting changes to the semester calendar differently. They would like to see the recent upheaval recognised in adjustments to assessments and expectations.

  3. Find ways for students to virtually engage with campus activities and student services.

  4. Graduation ceremonies are important for international students. There is hope that universities will consider rescheduling these to allow international students to participate at some stage. 

  5. Tuition fee reductions or subsidies for international students. Our students were very understanding that universities were also facing challenges and dealing with delivering courses in a new format, however they expressed concern that they were paying the same fees for a digital course that they felt was a lesser product.

  6. Build career-oriented courses. Our students were concerned about the impact of this time on their ability to get a job once they graduate. Providing career-advice and support and courses designed for graduate employability would be positively received. 

Our student’s advice revolved around course quality, institutional coordination and student engagement. 


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