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TLG Reports

TLG Reports

We know that there are times when access to data and analysis would support your decision-making.


At TLG we are watching the latest government and sector data and providing you with evidence-based insight to assist with your planning.

TLG Reports provide our analysis of current data and academic literature in a clear and accessible manner on a range of issues impacting the international education sector.


Is there a piece of research ana analysis that would assist you? Get in touch below.


The year 2023 has seen Australia’s higher education sector conduct a great deal of soul-searching. The generational Universities Accord Process has provided a moment of pause. A moment to ask the “big questions”, and to seek the points where our tertiary sector intersects with our broader national story and ambition. It is in this moment of strategic reflection that Universities Australia commissioned The Lygon Group to write a discussion paper that paints a vision for the sector and its position within the global research and education landscape.

This paper challenges those within and outside of the education sector to consider the following questions:

  • How do we step outside policy silos and identify shared priorities and challenges?

  • Are we ready for changing demographics – bringing future opportunities and challenges for our sector?

  • Do we need to be brave when we think about the future of research?

  • Do we need new ways of engaging with international students?

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