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Why work with us

We have a unique combination of experience across all facets of international education: from the classroom to the boardroom.  


We have taught in higher education in Australia and China. We have held senior leadership roles in international education and the student experience at universities and we have deep commercial experience leading student service solutions for university clients. This includes experience managing domestic and international prospect conversion and retention services for university clients in Australia and overseas.

how we work

We are different.

China experts

China is and will remain a critically important source of international students. Sino-Australian cooperation in higher education is deeply beneficial to both countries. We’ve taught in the Chinese university system, led major transnational partnerships and marketing networks in China, and are experts in Chinese market and policy dynamics.


We are international education nerds.

We have built a data aggregator that keeps us abreast of national and global trends and developments that impact Australia’s competitiveness as a major destination nation. No other tool exists. Our aggregator whirs away in the background, bringing us insight across the breadth of international education so that we know what’s going on as it happens.  This powers the support and insight we are able to provide to our clients. And allows us to predict the future.


Multi-sector specialists.

International education is not a monolith.  Students are studying in all sectors, from school through to research degrees. We understand the nuances of each sub-sector, the particular competitor and market dynamics at play, and the motivations of the international students who seek to enrol at every type of provider. 


Student experience experts

Students are at the heart of all we do.  We listen to them to understand how their thinking and expectations of an international education experience are changing. We have senior university executive experience managing the student experience from awareness to graduation.  We have taught international students.  And we have managed student acquisition and retention strategies, at scale, for university clients around the world.


Some of our predictions put nostradamus to shame.

Our combination of expertise, our data aggregator and our understanding of how our sector works allows us to predict what will happen. Long before Australia began to see a decline in commencements from China in 2018, we predicted it and why it would happen. We’ve predicted policy outcomes, and the impacts competitor nation decisions will have on Australia’s competitiveness.  We help our clients plan with greater certainty for an uncertain future.


Policy specialists.

We understand the overlapping spheres of influence policy-makers have on international education across multiple government departments and jurisdictions.  And the unintended damage poor policy decisions can have on students, the sector, and Australia’s competitiveness. We monitor the global international education policy environment to determine what impacts our competitors will have on Australia’s success as an international education destination.


We understand the true customer - the student.

We understand the world of the customers of our clients in ways other organisations do not. Strip everything away and our clients are serving a customer - the student. We’re different because we live and breathe the real experience of students. 

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