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We are international education specialists.

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The Student

The Lygon Group anchors everything we do around the student. We understand that the international education sector can only succeed if students are provided with quality education, support and are facilitated to achieve their goals. A student-centric approach to international education is a means to ensure that programs, services and policies are relevant to the needs of the student. This means that as students' needs and goals change, so can service and program delivery. Placing the student in the centre of planning ensures that international education can be integrated as a sustainable part of the fabric of the institution and the community.


Student-centricity has the end-user - the student - as the focus for every decision. It encapsulates the entire student journey from the initial decision-making, through to application, pre-departure, arrival, achievement and graduation, post-graduation work and return to home country. Every part of our client’s approach is built on empathy with the student and focuses on giving the best possible experience for them.


Our clients are provided with the information, advice, research and analysis that they need to ensure that they are engaged with all parts of the student journey and have the knowledge they need to respond to challenges that arise at any stage of this journey. 

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