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The Social Source combines cutting edge social media listening technology with TLG’s deep understanding of international education and the student experience to provide you with up-to-date meaningful analysis, recommendations and insights to ensure you can effectively plan ahead. Social listening tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated but to maximise the output of any tool, you must have a deep understanding of the sector that you are analysing.  


During the pandemic, The Social Source has allowed us to stay ahead of what students are saying, thinking and feeling about their study decisions. 

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Now what is 'Lollipop'?

The technology behind the Social Source picked up the frequent use of the term ‘lollipop’ to be a term used on international students’ social media conversations to indicate how announcements referring to calls for enrolments, perks of online learning or news about pilot programs and the return of international students, are just a sweet enticement seeking to take advantage of students with meaningless promises of hope. Posts on social media refer to “sco-lipop”, indicating that the federal government is complicit in luring students under false pretences. 


This is an example of how well-intended policy and messaging is in reality being negatively received and having an adverse effect. The Social Source identified a trend on social media and interpreted its implications for the sector.

The Social Source goes beyond identifying areas of under performance and risk. It identifies prospective areas of potential growth and opportunities.


Interested to know how you’re faring against your key competitors? Or about your performance in key markets? Keen to know more about potential markets or modes of delivery? The Social Source ensures you and your team are able to shape a tailored recovery strategy around genuine intelligence. . 


In the current age of uncertainty, change and unprecedented competition, understanding genuine student sentiment in real-time is paramount in tailoring your marketing and communication plans, and to truly understand the challenges and opportunities for your brand.

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