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The Lygon Group

TLG are a group of international education nerds. We are from the sector and we exist for the sector.

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About us

As an international education consulting and advisory company, our purpose and our passion is to bring you compelling, trusted and bespoke insight, analysis and expertise. We help you resolve your strategic challenges and opportunities across all aspects of international education. We create positive outcomes for the sector, for our clients, and for the customers of our clients - the international student.

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What our clients say

"The Lygon Group delivers a truly bespoke, flexible and 'always on' service based on deep thought partnership and rapid response with data and analysis that helps progress my strategic agenda."

John Molony

PVC-I, Deakin University

“The Lygon Group brought rich insights and diverse perspectives to the strategic and operational challenges we were facing. They delivered dedicated and expert project management across multiple project components and ensured deliverables were defined and met.”

Melissa Banks

PVC-I, James Cook University and President, IEAA

TLG in the media

The Lygon Group regularly commentates on international education, in the media and at conferences. Much of this insight and analysis draws from our understanding of the international student experience.


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Australian Strategy for International Education Consultation Paper 2021-2030

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