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The Road to Recovery

To get through this you need to act now. The Lygon Group's road to recovery plan focuses on the three pillars that will set you up for success now and on the other side. You can’t control everything, but you can control what you do for:

  • Your students

  • Your institution

  • Our sector


For each pillar we share the top 5 priorities you need to be thinking about to ensure you emerge ahead of the competition on the other side.

See first pillar to recovery

Students don't want to put their futures on hold.

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A student first recovery.

  1. Onshore students are your ambassadors: invest time and care

  2. Think your way into the experiences of your offshore students

  3. Your future students are in limbo: is your marketing meeting them where they are?

  4. Think forward: what experiences and courses will students look for on the other side?

  5. Engage with your students, future students, partners, and agents.  Rinse. Repeat.

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Control the things you can control.


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For chief international officers.

  1. Don’t forget your people. You need an engaged workforce now, and on the other side

  2. Don’t let international education drop off your institutions’ strategy

  3. Don’t waste this crisis. Optimise your internal operations for future success

  4. Your offshore network will see you through: get creative with agents, offshore reps and campuses

  5. Reassess your recruitment strategies. Your competitors are. Are you doing enough?

We're all in the same storm, but everyone's in a different boat.

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Influence how our sector responds.

  1. Know what your competitors are doing: they’re not always who you think they are

  2. Shape the policy environment – get involved and lead

  3. Build on community support: the sector thrives when the community comes with us

  4. Don’t allow Australia’s reputation for an outstanding student experience to slip

  5. Our sector will survive this, but the infrastructure that supports us must look different

We can help you chart the road ahead

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