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We are international education specialists.

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The Student

The Lygon Group anchors everything we do around the student. We understand that the international education sector can only succeed if students are provided with quality education, support and are facilitated to achieve their goals. A student-centric approach to international education is a means to ensure that programs, services and policies are relevant to the needs of the student. This means that as students' needs and goals change, so can service and program delivery. Placing the student in the centre of planning ensures that international education can be integrated as a sustainable part of the fabric of the institution and the community.


Student-centricity has the end-user - the student - as the focus for every decision. It encapsulates the entire student journey from the initial decision-making, through to application, pre-departure, arrival, achievement and graduation, post-graduation work and return to home country. Every part of our client’s approach is built on empathy with the student and focuses on giving the best possible experience for them.


Our clients are provided with the information, advice, research and analysis that they need to ensure that they are engaged with all parts of the student journey and have the knowledge they need to respond to challenges that arise at any stage of this journey. 

Our Services

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COVID-19 will not last forever. International students will not put their futures on-hold indefinitely: they are seeking out education providers and destination nations who understand this and are innovating. You can’t control when borders re-open and international travel resumes. But you can and should be planning for recovery. Hope is not a strategy. You need to be thinking about getting your house in order, transforming your marketing, recruitment and student experience strategies, reimagining agent engagement, re-casting your international strategies, and optimising your organisation to ensure you have the skills and expertise you’ll need on the other side.

  • Post COVID-19 strategies

  • Market assessment strategies

  • Organisational reviews

International education

International education involves many moving parts from university executives, recruitment teams, to student support staff, to academic teaching staff and government policy makers. At TLG we bring these parts together with the student at the heart of our approach. Our services ensure that you are engaged with current and future student trends, including student motivations and educational goals to make sure that you are ahead of the curve. We know what’s coming next in international education and where you should be placing your energy to ensure our sector grows sustainably into the future.

  • On - call executive support

  • Managed campus strategy

  • Partner management

  • VET and TAFE

  • China expertise

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Digital transformation

Specialising in student acquisition, engagement and retention, we help education providers transform the ways in which they engage with students. Many providers are great at delivering core business, but lack the wherewithal to respond to, and take advantage of, the rapid changes in digital technology.  We can help you plan and implement technology that will allow you to become more efficient, while delighting and retaining your students.

  • Technology utilisation and optimisation

  • Digital process enhancement

  • Omni channel strategies



Our team of experts are informed about the latest policy changes impacting international higher education sectors around the world. We understand that no matter where you are placed in the sector, you need to know the rationale and impact of policy decisions. We are here to provide you with policy summaries, analysis and advice to ensure you make informed decisions that improve the experience of international students.

  • Global international education policy insight

  • Shaping policy strategies

  • Policy impact advice

  • Concise literature reviews

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Student experience

At The Lygon Group we believe that the student voice is key to designing targeted and effective student services - whether on or off campus. We engage actively with students to ensure that their experiences are placed in the centre of institutional and policy decision making. We help clients to understand issues students face off campus and strategically demonstrate the role of international education within broader communities and economies.


Our Insight Service is the first step to ensuring that your strategic planning and service offering is based on genuine student insight. Our team of professional researchers conduct in depth interviews and focus groups with alumni, recent graduates, current and future students to ensure that you are in-touch with the realities of your student community. 

  • Focus groups

  • Surveys

  • Study journey mapping

  • Professional qualitative international student insight


Marketing and recruitment

We help you to optimise your marketing and recruitment strategies from brand awareness to commencement, in ways that work for the students you’re seeking to attract.  Everything we do is grounded in understanding how future students prefer to engage with brands, how this is changing, and what they want to hear from the education providers they’re considering. We understand digital and social marketing, brand messaging, channel management, lead generation and enquiry management.

  • Web audits

  • Conversion enhancement strategies

  • Enhanced virtual marketing initiatives

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Supporting sectors

International education presents enormous opportunities to organisations across the economy.  As sector experts, who understand how international education works, how it is regulated, and what international students are thinking, we assist companies to test business models and explore new commercial opportunities in this sprawling, complex industry.

  • Shaping services for international students.

  • Understanding international students as consumers.

  • Research and insight into the needs of international students in communities.

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